CBD and Skincare Health

Right now, CBD is everywhere. Whatever publication you pick up or glossy online magazine you read there’s no doubt that you’ll see some kind of reference to CBD – whether it’s an oil, a serum or a mask. You may feel out of the loop with this new fandangled miracle product or you may be sick of hearing all about it. In reality, though, CBD and all of its skincare goodness is here for the long haul and it could help you with your skincare health, routines and general wellbeing.

Our skin is delicate, it is so often mistreated and there are many other-worldly, and frankly, out of our control, factors that can affect the way it feels, the way it looks and how we treat it. In 2020 things like everyday pollution and stress will have a huge effect on our skin and our skincare. We are forever being told that the sun is bad for our skin and that we must drink plenty of water. But what if you were told that one simple formula could help to combat all of that in one and so much more?

And, what about those people whose skin has conditions that can’t be helped by simply lathering your skin in a high SPF and drowning yourself in fresh water in the hope that it hydrates your skin? For people that suffer with skin conditions like Rosacea, Dermatitis, Acne and Psoriasis, CBD is now the answer.

CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory

That’s right, CBD with its anti-inflammatory natural and gentle ingredients can have a huge positive affect on those red, sore and rash-like skin conditions that often take over a person’s life. For anyone that has suffered with these conditions that make their skin sore to the touch, blotchy and uneven, it’s a life long battle. They feel that part of their identity has been stolen and they have to take real effort to avoid things that further inflame the problem. Often though, things that make the inflammation worse are the things that we want to do a lot – sitting in the sun with our pals, enjoying an alcoholic drink, getting excited about a big promotion. All of these seemingly every day things can seriously affect the outbreak of these red skin conditions. These conditions claim social lives, self esteem and even sometimes life events like weddings and important holidays and vacations!

There may now be a cure that doesn’t involve hugely invasive injections, steroids or skin peeling creams that leave the skin on your face flaky and even more sore. CBD, with its natural ingredients, can react naturally with the human body’s internal systems and work wonders when it comes to calming rashes, inflammations of the skin and internal issues. This means that CBD in its many forms can drastically reduce the red, sore skin issues for people that suffer with Rosacea and more. CBD is also known for soothing the soreness that these skin conditions cause. CBD is famous for being able to redress imbalances in the skin – especially the skin on our very sensitive faces and naturally evening out blemishes, redness and scars.

The difference here is that the people who suffer with skin pigmentations and conditions like psoriasis and more have been a captive and hopeful audience for the big beauty and skincare brands who want to charge obscene amounts of money for a cream that promises so much but never really delivers.

Reducing Redness with CBD

The science that supports the use of CBD for reducing redness, soreness and inflammation in skincare is there, it’s easy to find and it checks out. CBD could be the answer for so many who have struggled with finding the right shade and pigment of make up due to flare ups. It can help so many people who are embarrassed by the way their skin behaves and reacts. CBD is the answer to help calm and pacify angry looking breakouts and blemishes. CBD is the answer for so many!

Information about CBD is now becoming more widespread and beauty & skincare experts are more and more starting to embrace the magic ingredient in many formulations and creams. They are now working to incorporate it into many before beloved skincare lines. They are embracing the importance of science in skincare rather than perfume, lotions and luxury price tags.

CBD is no longer a taboo product or one that will have the sales cashier frowning at you as they scan it at the till. It is something to be embraced and advertised for all to see – it’s important that the people who have long suffered with skin conditions like Rosacea, Psoriasis and more can now enjoy what healthy, balanced skin can look and feel like! CBD can be embraced by all in their skincare routine and it should be shared for its soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits!

CBD in skincare is here to stay and for all of those that suffer with reddening and sore skin conditions, long may it remain the answer and the solution to happy, even and healthy skin!