CBD Benefits – The Many Positives of Taking CBD

The way CBD has grown in popularity in recent years means you have probably heard some talk about the substance. You might have seen it sold as a “miracle cure” or a one-stop solution for all problems, and it is easy to dismiss as a fad. Many CBD benefits are proven, however. Science backs up many of the anecdotal evidence and positive accounts of taking CBD.

So what can CBD be used for? How does it help? Are the benefits all proven? We answer many of the questions you might have in this guide.

Pain Relief

Many of the biggest studies around CBD benefits have shown its benefits for pain relief. Cannabis has been used in treating pain for thousands of years, so it is not a big surprise that a cannabis-derived product can help.

CBD interacts with the ECS or “endocannabinoid system” within the brain. The body makes endocannabinoids which attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors within the body.

Many studies show that CBD can have an impact on these receptors and reduce the pain responses in our body. Studies on rats have shown CBD treatments to reduce pain in the sciatic nerve. The pain can also be reduced if making incisions.

Pain relief can be attributed to the impact on our ECS or to the following benefit…

Reduced Inflammation

Plenty of evidence links CBD to reduced information. This is one of the most proven benefits of CBD oil. According to a study from the European Journal of Pain, CBD inhibits inflammation in animals. 

CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation when applied topically. Another rat study showed that CBD oil reduces inflammation in joints. A 6.2 mg per day dose helped the rats with pain.

The reduced inflammation makes CBD a treatment for issues such as arthritis, Parkinsons and other conditions causing chronic pain. It can be taken orally or applied topically with positive results. More human studies are being done to conclude more emphatically what we have seen in animal studies.

Due to the fact that CBD has such a big impact on inflammation, it can treat skin conditions such as acne. It has even been linked with reduced sebum levels, which can cause acne and zits. Studies on this are scarce, so far. 

Improved Mental Health

Many people are finding that taking CBD can help with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Mental health studies have been conducted within humans. We don’t just rely on animal studies to establish the benefits.

In one study of over 50 men, a CBD dose was tested against a placebo. The placebo had little to no effect, but a 300mg dose of CBD oil significantly reduced feelings of anxiety.

Some studies of schizophrenia and other mental disorders have also shown promise. CBD has been reported to improve symptoms relating to many mental illnesses. Psychotic symptoms can be reduced by the use of CBD.

A Cancer Treatment (and Relief From Symptoms)

CBD has been shown to help with cancer. Alone, it may not treat cancer effectively, but as part of a treatment plan, it can. CBD has been recommended by the National Cancer Institute as an option for helping with chemotherapy side effects.

Studies have found that it can reduce the pain, vomiting and impact on appetite that people undergoing chemo typically experience.

One study has shown that CBD can help to shrink cancerous tumors in rodents. Like many other areas, more studies are taking place in humans to learn more about specific benefits. Many humans are taking the substance to try and aid their cancer treatment.

Other Benefits (and Reported Benefits)

There is anecdotal evidence for a lot of effects of taking CBD. Some other reported benefits include:

  • Improving high blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to conditions including strokes and heart attacks. 
  • Treating drug addiction. CBD has been shown to reduce dependence on morphine in animal studies.
  • Reduction in diabetes. In diabetic mice, CBD reduced cases by over 50% in one study.
  • Improved sleep. In many studies, compared to placebos, CBD helps people get to sleep more easily.
  • Reducing muscle spasms in cases of parkinsons or spasticity.

Further Studies and Their Importance

The majority of the information out there points to many benefits of CBD without much (or any) risk to taking it. 

More human studies will show us specific benefits. For instance, people reporting better sleep after CBD oil may be experiencing a better night due to lower anxiety. It is hard to pinpoint the exact impact of the CBD oil in these cases, even if it is accepted to be positive.

Hopefully, this guide has given you an overview of the benefits of CBD oil and derived products, as well as plenty of further reading.